Friday, October 1, 2010

Calc Buddies Forever :D

Hey there everyone!
I didn't post anything yesterday because my friend was sick and I wanted to go and hang out with her and make sure she was ok.
So I guess sometimes in the late afternoon she ate something that didn't really sit well with her and I guess she got some sort of food poisoning becase she kept throwing up and she was really upset so i ended up going to her room and keeping her company till about 4am when we both passed out.
Then I had to wake up at 8 for my 9am class in which I had a test that I would have studied for had she not been sick. But it was all good. Took the test, got some breakfast, went to history and almost fell asleep (but that happens on a regular basis so yeah haha). After that I had a test in my music class on like basic music terms so it was simple. That's about my day so far because I passed out when I got to my room and didn't wake up till about 8pm (totally took a 6 hour nap).
Anyway that was my day, but hey friends are there for each other right?

So tell me guys, what's the most you've ever done for a friend in need?

But anyway, on to the
Song of the day!

Today we have this song that's been in my head for the past few weeks.
If you appreciate awesome breakdowns you'll understand why
I've been having a hard time finding more by this band but if anyone finds anything then let me know in the comments below :D

It's a pretty cool video (The girl is pretty hot too)
Check out their MySpace and support :D

Anyway, that's really all for today, I'm still pretty tired so I might just take it easy and go back to sleep!

See ya next time :D

So tell me,
how many of you guys have tattoos?