Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And I Have Discovered

I guess you could say this is part two of today's blog.
In case you missed this first part you could go back to my blog page and find it or you can just click this here link and you'll be on your way!

I was talking about songs that have made an impact on our lives and I posted the video for One Year, Six Months by Yellowcard.

I feel like even though we may not notice it all the time we definitely could sit down and write a soundtrack for our lives. Knowing what songs to put with what memories and situations.

But that was last pot, this one's all about Chemistry!

I had my Chemistry I class today as well as a lab, and I think I'm the only freshman in that class!
It's really weird finishing my tests and quizzes first and leaving while everyone is still working. Also getting the highest grades in the class (no one likes being that curve breaker).
Speaking of curves! Guess who the ladies go to for help in their lab!
The instructor!
But right after they go to me because they can't understand his thick Indian accent. For some reason all my Chem teachers have had completely ridiculous accents. it's really quite disappointing, I mean, chemistry is confusing enough as it is!

On a completely unrelated note!
NEW ROB ZOMBIE ALBUM COMING OUT! It's been a while since the last one because of his directing for the Halloween movies.

If anyone needs basic Chem help shoot me a message and we'll figure out your shit!

But this is my week as it stands for now, Tomorrow I get to wake up late again! Then I have a Physical Therapy Club meeting so that should be fun! Then I don't have class till 6 but that's ok, it's Chem. After that I have my English class which I still totally have to do my work for...
But Friday is the thing I'm looking forward to the most! Other than having 2 tests in 2 out of my 3 Friday classes I'll have a lot of the afternoon free and I can probably go play guitar outside for a while and make some more new friends :D

Speaking of which, I have a youtube Channel but the music isn't that great >_>
I'll leave the link here anyway so check it out if you like noise <_< (Besides, some views wouldn't hurt)

Totally my youtube channel!

But anyway, that's really all for today, I'm gonna go stab the next person who tries to take the dryer from me.

So tell me guys,
What is your favorite skill to show off?

Till tomorrow,

I Have Seen The Others

Hey there bloggers!
First things first, thanks for being so supportive and checking out the blog and commenting and stuff. really, it's awesome.
But anyway let's begin.
Today started for me at 8am because of my 9am class >_> Needless to say I was very tired after a late night of Borderlands. For those of you with Borderlands for PC my tag is Ikaarus and I'm on pretty frequently so if you wanna play hit me up ;P
So after that I went to get breakfast with two of my friends, and I'm very disappointed withe the food staff! The breakfast burrito is clearly on the menu but they didn't have it! And the lady at the grill was mean too...
So I got some other food and chilled. Then I had another class, history, which is pretty boring but w/e.

This is where the fun starts. Last week I met these two guys Phil and Russell. Phil was playing Weezer on his Ukulele so I went over to check it out, we played some tunes to sing along to and we got each other's contacts and stuff and today we met up and jammed. It was pretty awesome!
We played some Weezer, some Hendrix, Dave Matthews, Green Day, even fucking Dream Theater. It was awesome. People came up and this guy Jake showed up out of nowhere and did some amazing shit on Phil's guitar. Fingertapping and shit.
But this song has been stuck in my head so I figured I'll post it here.
I guess you could say it's my daily music video :D

So here it is, One Year, Six Months by Yellowcard

I love this song. I've got some history with it as I played it for my ex exactly 1 year and 6 months after we broke up. I was still head over heels for her.
Shit didn't work out but w/e, at least I learned an awesome song :D

Right now I have to go to my next class but I'll make a follow up post later with some other stuff!

So tell me readers, what song has the most sentimental value to you?
Post some comments, I'd love to know :D

Anyway, see ya in a bit.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thirty and Seven and Thirteen

For all you metal lovers I was recently listening to this song and I realized how amazing it is. It has elements from so many different types of metal and it does such a great job at combining them. One of my favorite songs by August Burns Red.
Thought I'd share it. If you're not into the heavy screaming stuff then give a go anyway :D

On to other news.
I woke up at noon today and went to class.
Shit was a review of basic music terms.
Has it ever happened to any of you guys when you feel like you should be able to just take a test and place out of the class.
That would make college so much better >_>
Or just school in general really.

Anyway, I finally hooked up my PS3 here in my dorm and I was playing FFXIII.
I have very mixed feelings about this game actually. I love the Final Fantasy series, has been one of my favorites ever since I started playing video games in my childhood, but I feel like the producers have been trying too much to innovate that it has changed (read:lowered) some of the standars for the elements that we loved about the series.
The story is alright, but when you put it all on a line, the game is really very short. I remember the days when it took about 40 hours to go through a story and now it takes about half of that. I mean, by the end of this game I felt like I was just watching the story whereas in past games I felt a more deep connection and even got somewhat emotionally attached to the characters


I like how they tried to make the game a lot more strategic and fast paced with the new ATB system, but honestly I felt like limiting what you can do with the characters only made it easier. Even FFXII had a pretty awesome system of gambits, and I feel like that combined with an ATB would be what I've been waiting for since i started playing.
This battle system and layout really was something I enjoyed about the previous title

The sidequests weren't too bad though. Hunting monsters has been a part of FF for the past couple of games, and although the mission system here keeps that tradition, a lot of the battles were really simple and didn't really give you the feeling that you were hunting some really powerful monster. It just took you waaaaaaay across maps. As the missions get higher they get harder but I felt like i wasted time for the first 40 or so missions. The rewards aren't that great and honestly it was very boring.

One thign that I liked though was the weapon upgrade system. I remember in FFVIII you got to search around for parts and upgrade your weapons (and even something like that in FFX) but this one really took it to a new level. There are so many materials and every weapon is unique so what may work for one isn't necessarily the best for another.

Something else I liked was the fact that they introduced a class system again. We've been without one for a while (unless you got the international XII, in which case you had the Zodiac Class system). This works fine because then you really have to figure out how you wanna play and every character is unique so they each have something of their own to contribute to the party.

The graphics are amazing. That's about it.

Overall i'd give this game a 6/10 because as great as it looks and sounds it's really not what is expected from a Final Fantasy game. the story was ok, the battle system could have been better, I feel like I don't know the characters, and what the fuck is with the Gestalt mode?

This game could have been better, much better, but hopefully the other XIIIs will the great (someone let me know) and I also hope that Square learns from it's mistake and stops trying so hard to be innovative. We like the FF games for a reason and call me a traditionalist but there are things that seriously didn't need to be changed.

So let me ask you, what game has let you down the most?

That's all for today.
As you can tell this blog is about everything and anything that crosses my mind so check back for more new stuff everyday!

Until next time,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Monday

It's Monday and this week is already getting to me >_>

I only had two classes today and I'm done with that but now I have mass amounts of work to do.
I just want to thank everyone who's been following me and supporting this young blog which I hope will become something fun not just for me to write but also to read :P

Today i thought I'd share another song that I've been addicted to for the past few months

This song really makes me happy about Dream Theater, and to be honest i think it's one of my favorites.

It's sad to think about Dream Theater without Mike Portnoy but hopefully things will work out once everyone's had a good break from each other. I wish the remainder of Dream Theater good luck with the new album thought, i'm excited to see what DT is going to sounds like without Portnoy.
As well as for Portnoy I hope he keeps on having fun with all his side projects as well as helping out A7X.

Avenged Sevenfold's newest album Nightmare was, in my opinion, nothing more than a tribute to the Rev. I mean, people give it a lot of shit about this album (fans and haters alike), but I feel that you have to remember that they are still people who just lost a brother, not just a drummer.
And I'm sure that Jimmy, although talented, was not the best and that there are plenty of people who could replace him on drums, but no one could ever replace him as family or friend.
So I think that Nightmare really did what the band intended it to do, which was mourn the loss of their brother.
If you listen to the entire album you can definitely hear the sadness and mourning of the band as well as The Rev's influence (he did write a lot of the album before passing).

I'm excited to see what the future holds in store for these two bands, two of my favorites actually.

But for now I have to go do my homework >_>

Jimmy Sullivan!
"A spoon full of Jimmy Makes the whole world go down...."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

NJSO at MAYO Theater at MoTOWN

So I just got back from a concert in my hometown of Morristown here in jersey. The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra played Beethoven's 9th.
The introduction piece to the show was Canticle of Freedom, and to be honest it was kind of a terrifying piece. The low bass drums and low tuned timpani gave the whole piece a sort of tribal ritualistic feel. But once the Westminster Choir entered with the lyrics everything turned a lot happier and powerful.
The rest of the program was Beethoven's 9th with readings in between from famous speeches narrated by Avery Brooks. It was some intense stuff.

The entire piece was great and the choir was amazing (my favorite past was tenor Bryan Griffin. Oh. My. God)

The ending "Ode To Joy" was spectacular. I've never seen the entire piece performed in full or with a full choir/orchestra so it was a pretty nice thing to see.

I can't wait to see another orchestra show!
Support your local orchestras!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I thought I'd do something ice in order to inaugurate this blog.
I hope you all like Blink 182 
This song is very special to me for many different reasons that yeah


Headfirst for Halos

Alright, now that I'm done with what I was doing before I thought I'd give myself somewhat of an introduction.

As some of you probably already figured out my Name is Felipe V, call me Felipe, Flip, Krow, loser, whatever, I don't care :D
I'm 18 years old born in Colombia but raised here in the US.
I'm bilingual in both English and Spanish and I'm trained in Classical Latin.
I love to play guitar! Been doing it for about 5 years now and I've loved every note!
I try to play piano but ever since college started I've been very out of practice :(
I love to draw and I'm currently working with my friend John Mielke on a super rad comic (but shhhh, it's a secret!).

I like to draw portraits! So if you ever feel like dropping me a line or a comment with a request I could probably hook you up ;D
they're graphite/charcoal/chalk mostly but they come out pretty nice!

Check out my DeviantArt page up on the links of if you're too lazy just go to

Be my friend and follow (i'm nice, I promise)
Drop by and read some o what I gotta say or just look at pictures or whatever.

That's really it

and for those of you with PSN my tag is Ikaarus so add me and we could play some MW2 (when I get it soon)

That's all for now!

See ya later!

Why am I here?

I'm Felipe.
That's about it

I'll try to post interesting things?

See ya soon :D