Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dragons + Zombies = Hell Yes!

It's been a while since I last updated (blame school and music)
Busy busy busy wih many aspects of my life. I recently started playing bass in a new project that i was invited to by my friend Miguel. He's a music major at Montclair University. This kid is a ridiculous guitar player.
Here's a link to one of the songs, give it a listen and let me know what you think!

My bass parts are a little more complicated than this but it hasn't been recorded yet (this video was made before I joined the band)

So I've been working with this band lately and hopefully we'll start playing some shows in the North/Central Jersey area soon.


How many of you motherfuckers play on Steam!


I recently took opportunity of the Halloween sales and managed to get myself a copy of both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2!
I'm still getting used to playing it on PC (I played it on XBox before this), but I'm too in love with Borderlands so the controls are all strange to me haha

So add me on Steam, look up Krow333 and send me a request if you ever wanna play!

But the real thing I wanna talk about today is this game that I hope many of you know about. It's also on Steam.
It's called Killing Floor.

This game contains lots of bloor, gore, blood, gore, decapitations, blood, gore, and rage.
This game is not recommended for haters.

The game itself is a survival. You and teammates are supposed to try and survive waves upon waves of "Zeds" (The game is from overseas, so yeah). The game is set in various parts of England.
The story isn't a major part of the game, all it does is really give you a background as to why you are where you are, who you are, and why all this is going on.
But once you start playing it's hard to put it down.
There are a few different types of enemies, each with its own unique ability; some grab you, others slice you, some are invisible, and others just literally fuck your shit up beyond belief.

But what i like most about this game is the difficulty.
There are four difficulty modes.
Beginner, Normal, Hard, and Suicidal.
Each enemy type has a bounty value that you cash in as you kill things. As the difficulty increases, you get a lot less money, but there are many more enemies (do the math, you get fucked twice as hard for half the money).
Why does this matter?
Well the weapons can be VERY expensive.

It's also very a-la-Team Fortress because of the introduction of classes. each classes has a set of perks, or stat bonuses. Some get less recoil from specific weapons, others heal more. Each class can level up for increased perks. To level up you simply have to complete a certain criteria, like getting a certain number of headshots or killing a number of certain kind of enemy.
It's a really simple game and it gets really addicting. it's not expensive at all and it can really be worth the time.

I suggest getting it.

It can get a little old after a while, but just kick up the difficulty and play with some friends.
There's also plenty of modded servers to up the challenge even more.
I give it a 6.5/10 (Which is actually pretty good considering I don't see any game going past an 8.5 any time soon)

So that's all for now, hopefully I'll be updating more frequently now that I'm all good and settled into college life.

So tell me, what's the best thing you can cook?

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