Wednesday, September 29, 2010

And I Have Discovered

I guess you could say this is part two of today's blog.
In case you missed this first part you could go back to my blog page and find it or you can just click this here link and you'll be on your way!

I was talking about songs that have made an impact on our lives and I posted the video for One Year, Six Months by Yellowcard.

I feel like even though we may not notice it all the time we definitely could sit down and write a soundtrack for our lives. Knowing what songs to put with what memories and situations.

But that was last pot, this one's all about Chemistry!

I had my Chemistry I class today as well as a lab, and I think I'm the only freshman in that class!
It's really weird finishing my tests and quizzes first and leaving while everyone is still working. Also getting the highest grades in the class (no one likes being that curve breaker).
Speaking of curves! Guess who the ladies go to for help in their lab!
The instructor!
But right after they go to me because they can't understand his thick Indian accent. For some reason all my Chem teachers have had completely ridiculous accents. it's really quite disappointing, I mean, chemistry is confusing enough as it is!

On a completely unrelated note!
NEW ROB ZOMBIE ALBUM COMING OUT! It's been a while since the last one because of his directing for the Halloween movies.

If anyone needs basic Chem help shoot me a message and we'll figure out your shit!

But this is my week as it stands for now, Tomorrow I get to wake up late again! Then I have a Physical Therapy Club meeting so that should be fun! Then I don't have class till 6 but that's ok, it's Chem. After that I have my English class which I still totally have to do my work for...
But Friday is the thing I'm looking forward to the most! Other than having 2 tests in 2 out of my 3 Friday classes I'll have a lot of the afternoon free and I can probably go play guitar outside for a while and make some more new friends :D

Speaking of which, I have a youtube Channel but the music isn't that great >_>
I'll leave the link here anyway so check it out if you like noise <_< (Besides, some views wouldn't hurt)

Totally my youtube channel!

But anyway, that's really all for today, I'm gonna go stab the next person who tries to take the dryer from me.

So tell me guys,
What is your favorite skill to show off?

Till tomorrow,


  1. New Rob Zombie ablum? Sick i cant wait

  2. Seriously can't want bro keep it up!

  3. just saw a commercial for the new zombie album. cant wait to download.

  4. Hmm my favourite skill to show off is probably my people skills, works like a charm ;)

    lol sorry no pun intended if there was one in there

  5. I'm really good trolling

  6. Physical Therapy Club, huh? Sounds interesting.