Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Have Seen The Others

Hey there bloggers!
First things first, thanks for being so supportive and checking out the blog and commenting and stuff. really, it's awesome.
But anyway let's begin.
Today started for me at 8am because of my 9am class >_> Needless to say I was very tired after a late night of Borderlands. For those of you with Borderlands for PC my tag is Ikaarus and I'm on pretty frequently so if you wanna play hit me up ;P
So after that I went to get breakfast with two of my friends, and I'm very disappointed withe the food staff! The breakfast burrito is clearly on the menu but they didn't have it! And the lady at the grill was mean too...
So I got some other food and chilled. Then I had another class, history, which is pretty boring but w/e.

This is where the fun starts. Last week I met these two guys Phil and Russell. Phil was playing Weezer on his Ukulele so I went over to check it out, we played some tunes to sing along to and we got each other's contacts and stuff and today we met up and jammed. It was pretty awesome!
We played some Weezer, some Hendrix, Dave Matthews, Green Day, even fucking Dream Theater. It was awesome. People came up and this guy Jake showed up out of nowhere and did some amazing shit on Phil's guitar. Fingertapping and shit.
But this song has been stuck in my head so I figured I'll post it here.
I guess you could say it's my daily music video :D

So here it is, One Year, Six Months by Yellowcard

I love this song. I've got some history with it as I played it for my ex exactly 1 year and 6 months after we broke up. I was still head over heels for her.
Shit didn't work out but w/e, at least I learned an awesome song :D

Right now I have to go to my next class but I'll make a follow up post later with some other stuff!

So tell me readers, what song has the most sentimental value to you?
Post some comments, I'd love to know :D

Anyway, see ya in a bit.


  1. can't say which song has the most meaning to me, far too many to even think about :x

  2. I kinda like "The Trees," by Rush. Not an emotional song for me, but very interesting historically, considering that it's about the Russian Revolution. :P

    Now following you! :)