Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thirty and Seven and Thirteen

For all you metal lovers I was recently listening to this song and I realized how amazing it is. It has elements from so many different types of metal and it does such a great job at combining them. One of my favorite songs by August Burns Red.
Thought I'd share it. If you're not into the heavy screaming stuff then give a go anyway :D

On to other news.
I woke up at noon today and went to class.
Shit was a review of basic music terms.
Has it ever happened to any of you guys when you feel like you should be able to just take a test and place out of the class.
That would make college so much better >_>
Or just school in general really.

Anyway, I finally hooked up my PS3 here in my dorm and I was playing FFXIII.
I have very mixed feelings about this game actually. I love the Final Fantasy series, has been one of my favorites ever since I started playing video games in my childhood, but I feel like the producers have been trying too much to innovate that it has changed (read:lowered) some of the standars for the elements that we loved about the series.
The story is alright, but when you put it all on a line, the game is really very short. I remember the days when it took about 40 hours to go through a story and now it takes about half of that. I mean, by the end of this game I felt like I was just watching the story whereas in past games I felt a more deep connection and even got somewhat emotionally attached to the characters


I like how they tried to make the game a lot more strategic and fast paced with the new ATB system, but honestly I felt like limiting what you can do with the characters only made it easier. Even FFXII had a pretty awesome system of gambits, and I feel like that combined with an ATB would be what I've been waiting for since i started playing.
This battle system and layout really was something I enjoyed about the previous title

The sidequests weren't too bad though. Hunting monsters has been a part of FF for the past couple of games, and although the mission system here keeps that tradition, a lot of the battles were really simple and didn't really give you the feeling that you were hunting some really powerful monster. It just took you waaaaaaay across maps. As the missions get higher they get harder but I felt like i wasted time for the first 40 or so missions. The rewards aren't that great and honestly it was very boring.

One thign that I liked though was the weapon upgrade system. I remember in FFVIII you got to search around for parts and upgrade your weapons (and even something like that in FFX) but this one really took it to a new level. There are so many materials and every weapon is unique so what may work for one isn't necessarily the best for another.

Something else I liked was the fact that they introduced a class system again. We've been without one for a while (unless you got the international XII, in which case you had the Zodiac Class system). This works fine because then you really have to figure out how you wanna play and every character is unique so they each have something of their own to contribute to the party.

The graphics are amazing. That's about it.

Overall i'd give this game a 6/10 because as great as it looks and sounds it's really not what is expected from a Final Fantasy game. the story was ok, the battle system could have been better, I feel like I don't know the characters, and what the fuck is with the Gestalt mode?

This game could have been better, much better, but hopefully the other XIIIs will the great (someone let me know) and I also hope that Square learns from it's mistake and stops trying so hard to be innovative. We like the FF games for a reason and call me a traditionalist but there are things that seriously didn't need to be changed.

So let me ask you, what game has let you down the most?

That's all for today.
As you can tell this blog is about everything and anything that crosses my mind so check back for more new stuff everyday!

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